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Opaque Software is a world wide known developer of lanyard design software. We have evolved with times with our creative team of coders to provide the complete package for all size of lanyard suppliers from large worldwide suppliers of lanyards like Lesar to small companies who are just looking to design one or two lanyards.

lanyards opaquesoftwareOur company was formed in 2003 by a well known computer programmer called Harold Smitt. Harold is known for his work on a number of softwares that are used by millions of people all around the world. He had a background and tie to a company that created lanyards and saw a gap in the market to create a software that would revolutionise the lanyard industry. The software turned out to be “drawee” a software made to suit all needs of companies to help them design lanyards for there business.

Lanyards can be a used as a great place to advertise your business or message via the lanyard. How they can do this is buy using our software to design what they need and then we have had built in order system via our software. You can simply design your lanyard and then you can click the order button. At this point a pop up will appear where you can enter the quantities of laNYards you would like to purchase and a price will be calculated. Obviously the more lanyards you buy the cheaper you will get them for in the end.

The beauty of this though is that using our software you can have say a 100 lanyards ordered and have 20 different designs for those lanyards and get the price benefit of ordering 100 lanyards. Most companies would only give you a benefit for 20 lanyards as per design. We moved very quickly to form this bespoke deal with Lesar who are the leaders in Lanyards in the world. There service is second to none and now our software integrates perfectly with there system so that they can receive the order seamlessly and ensure that the lanyard gets produced in a timely manner and then dispatched quickly by recorded delivery. Upon dispatch you will receive an email with the tracking details of the parcel so you can see it at any time.

The best part about our software is it is actually a free software. We make our money from the sales of the lanyards. What this means is that you only pay for something when you have been happy with your lanyards design rather than having to pay to explore for example. If you have any more questions then please don’t hesitate to contact us via the contact us page.